Thursday, May 3, 2012

I just about died

when I saw this little baby girl's reaction to my "baby guacamole":

Are you serious?  Now I know I'm a little bias but it can't get any cuter than this.  This kid LOVES food.  I mean LOVES it!  I thought that when feeding babies you had to do that crazy airplane trick to force feed them real food.  As if the baby is like, "Mom, there is no way you're getting those peas past these lips.  But an airplane ?!  OKAY!"  Nope, no fake flying machinery in this house.  Just give her the food.  She has quite a sophisticated pallette for an 8-month old...or an 8-year old for that matter.  I had weeks and weeks of prepared baby puree in the freezer only to discover shortly after that those are "sooo last month".  She much prefers quinoa, hummus and zucchini to those bland purees and teething biscuits which look a little too suspiciously like dog biscuits.  She wants flavor, and if she keeps making faces like this, I will definitely do my best to deliver. 


  1. Somehow you make things I usually would not choose, taste so so good that it would be my first choice. Fefe's has an amazing cook and Mom!

  2. This is so beautifuuuul! Check my blog and tell me if you wanna follow each other!! :X

  3. So cute!!!

    And that's adorable...The Seamonkey is only 9 weeks old and I can't wait to start solids. I plan on breastfeeding for as long as he likes, but I'm just stoked to watch him get to try new things!

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