Monday, March 5, 2012

A Crib With a View

We drove down to California again this past weekend.  Evan and Mark rode their Harleys while Fiona and I rode behind them in the car.  We had a wonderful weekend with the boys, and then they headed back to Vegas yesterday leaving us girls behind to soak in another 5 days of this beautiful place.  I love Vegas, but there's just something about southern California that makes me happy.  Evan's dad, Gary says it's the negative ions created from the constant crashing of the waves (I looked this up, and there is a bit of interesting science behind it), but whatever it is I just love it!  I love to see everyone outside biking and jogging and walking their dogs.  I pass by people on their cell phones, and catch glimpses of conversations that go something like, "...the saltwater baths dry up the toxins in your body" and "...that type of yoga will help to break up scar tissue in your joints" and "Have you tried that all-natural cafe down the street?"  Seriously?  These are my people.  ;)

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