Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The L.A. Arboretum

Remember when you were a kid reading Anne of Green Gables, and you wished you were Anne living on beautiful Prince Edward Island in a beautiful little cottage in the late 19th century?...No?...Just me?...Ok then.  Anyway, when I visited the L.A. Arboretum a couple of weeks ago I could not stop thinking about how my twelve-year-old self would have just died walking through this place because that's exactly what it reminded me of.  It was amazing and breathtaking and exactly the stuff Lucy Maud Montgomery novels are made of.  Good thing it was just Fiona and me, or someone else would have seen the idiot grin I had from ear to ear the entire time.  Here are some pictures I took of this beautiful place:

We walked around for nearly 2 hours, but I could have done it all day.  With this baby girl, though, you can't really do anything for much longer than an hour and a half.  The sun was setting anyway, and it was beginning to get cold, so we left the serenity of this place to hop into my first experience with the dreaded L.A. traffic.  It was horrible.  I mean horrible.  L.A. Traffic is one thing, but L.A. traffic with a hungry baby and a nanny calling wondering why you're hours late for dinner is something completely different.  Let's just say a 40 minute drive turning into a 2 hour crawl and a baby screaming bloody murder for 30 minutes (and this is no exaggeration, my friends) makes a mother do crazy things.  Like miraculously crossing 4 lanes of parked traffic to get off at a random exit to pull into a very sketchy McDonald's at night, and feed an extremely fed up baby on the bathroom counter.  I was not lovin' it.  

I think it's safe to say I had my best and worst L.A. experiences all in one day.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Thought Having a Newborn was Challenging...

...then I had a 6 1/2 month old.

Gone are the days when I could set this baby girl down for a second while I loaded the washing machine, or brushed my teeth, or made a snack, or talked on the phone, or messed around on the computer or...basically gone are the days when I could do anything without this kid getting into something.  

She is a curious little munchkin and loves to touch anything you don't give her to play with.  Literally.  If I want her to play with something I have to pretend she's not supposed to have it, and set away from her until she eventually gets to it.  If I simply hand it to her she's not interested.  

Putting her down for a nap has become a bit complicated as well.  She will roll over onto her belly and try to make a crawl for it no matter how tired I know she is.  It's seriously a wrestling match for about 15 minutes with me constantly grabbing and rolling her back over until she finally gives in.  

She won't eat food without grabbing the spoon to try and do it herself, this little independent woman.  I put a spoon in each one of her hands so that she can't grab the one I'm using to feed her!

Aah yes, those days are long gone, and she's just barely crawling!  I can't even begin to imagine how tough it's going to be when she starts to walk.  This stage is definitely tiring, but oh so fun!  

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Crib With a View

We drove down to California again this past weekend.  Evan and Mark rode their Harleys while Fiona and I rode behind them in the car.  We had a wonderful weekend with the boys, and then they headed back to Vegas yesterday leaving us girls behind to soak in another 5 days of this beautiful place.  I love Vegas, but there's just something about southern California that makes me happy.  Evan's dad, Gary says it's the negative ions created from the constant crashing of the waves (I looked this up, and there is a bit of interesting science behind it), but whatever it is I just love it!  I love to see everyone outside biking and jogging and walking their dogs.  I pass by people on their cell phones, and catch glimpses of conversations that go something like, "...the saltwater baths dry up the toxins in your body" and "...that type of yoga will help to break up scar tissue in your joints" and "Have you tried that all-natural cafe down the street?"  Seriously?  These are my people.  ;)

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