Monday, February 20, 2012

Six Months

Our little baby girl turned 6 months old the other day.  It's so cliche to talk about how time flies, isn't it?  So I'm not going to say that.  We all know how time flies.  Every single month I hear at least 2 people say, "Can you believe it's already [insert month here]?"  And every holiday season I hear, "Can you believe it's already the holidays?"  And then I point out that it's actually only August, they're just starting the Christmas commercials earlier and earlier.  But anyway, the point is that time flies and Fiona is half a year old!!!!  She's starting to eat real food (well, pureed versions of it) and she'll be crawling any day now.  It's not fair that they grow this fast, but every day is a new adventure and she is even more fun the more she learns.  She's the best thing ever, and we are all so blessed to have such a wonderful little person in our lives.

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