Monday, February 27, 2012

Hangin' with Mom

The weather here in Vegas has been unbelievably gorgeous the last few days.  The past week has been filled with lots of walks, little picnics and anything that involves being outside.  Baby girl has been eating  "real food" once or twice a day lately, and we love to take them outside for her to enjoy.  

I think she love hangin' with mom ALMOST as much as she loves her sweet potatoes.


  1. Nice photos, she's growing up sooo fast. By the way, do you make her baby food? -Regina

    1. I do make her baby food, and I get an abnormal amount of joy doing it. haha. By the way, I just checked out your site and LOVE it! You are brilliant. :)

  2. I am so loving this post -Krystal
    I also made my own baby food for my girls.
    Happy Leap Day!

    and a link to my newsest post-->


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