Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Beach

A couple of weekends ago Evan, Chad and our good friend Mark wanted to take a motorcycle ride to California.  Not to be left out of any adventures, we girls rode behind in Mark's wife, Amy's SUV.  It was Fiona's first time to the beach, and it was SO much fun.  My sister and I turn into little kids at the beach, and I have a feeling Fiona loved it just as much.

The weekend started out a little rocky.  It took WAY too long to get there because we took an unfamiliar way, and then once we made it to Evan's dad's house, we locked ourselves out and the boys had to break in through the back door by climbing up over the balcony... He lives on the second floor.

But we made it, and the rest of the weekend was filled with walks on the beach, a farmer's market and lunch on the pier at Redondo Beach.

These photos are from the evening we first got there.  I love the first one because I have a photo of myself in the exact same spot posing almost the exact same way when I was pregnant with the little munchkin.  You can see it here.  I think I'll keep it going every time we visit Evan's dad.  It'll be fun to see her there at different stages.

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