Friday, January 27, 2012


In a conversation with a couple of friends the other night I realized just how much my lifestyle can sometimes be the butt of many jokes.  For many years I’ve been called a “tree-hugger” or a “hippie” or an “environmentalist”.  Although I don’t consider any of these terms negative, I never consider myself any of them.  I just live my life the only way I know how, and that’s simply.  I like cooking whole, natural foods from scratch.  I like buying things from thrift stores.  I like not drinking water from plastic bottles and using linen napkins instead of paper.  I don’t mind doing a little extra laundry so that my baby girl can have cloth diapers, and I don’t mind the funny looks from my husband when I tell him the watermelon peels don’t go in the trash, they go in the compost.

            It’s crazy to me that when I tell people that we do these things they think it’s just a waste of time or that I’m missing out on something.  Missing out on what?  Convenience?  Then why is it that I never feel inconvenienced?  The truth is I think it’s just the opposite.  I feel that making an effort to be aware of what resources I use and how I use them make me more mindful of my everyday choices.  I think it helps me realize that every choice I make has an impact, and that every decision can matter.  I live a life that feels full and meaningful because it doesn’t revolve around quantity or “convenience”, but quality and memorable experiences.  

            I recently came upon this website.  I find it so inspiring, and a good reminder that we can always do more.  This family is amazing.  If you don’t find it inspiring, hopefully you’ll at least find it interesting.

PS - The photo above is just a random photo from my birthday a couple years ago when Evan surprised me with a trip to Zion.  It was probably the best birthday ever.

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