Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spending Time with Litts

While the Evans took a little trip to Universal Studios, Fiona and I spent some time with the Litt family, then we all met up for dinner at Evan's grandparents' house.

I really love the area where his family lives; it's beautiful and the people seem much friendlier than here in Vegas.  They live in Calabasas, and I'd be lying if I said I don't hope that one day I will run into Kourtney Kardashian and we can become friends and schedule play-dates.

It's always a great time with the Litts, and we were so happy to have Fiona finally meet them.

Nanny Rita and Poppa Irv
Sherry and Me
Universal Studios
The Evans...with a shark

"What?  Eating your sweater?  No."
Feefs loved her grandma Sherry
Jeremy and Michelle (aka Aunt Tootie) with Jr


  1. FYI - I gave you the "tell me about yourself award." More info on that here -

  2. This looked like a really great time and what a crazy Christmas tree! Have a wonderful tomorrow!


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