Monday, November 14, 2011


It was so incredibly nice Saturday, so we decided to spend the day at beautiful Lake Las Vegas for - dare I say it? - Beerfest.  Evan has gone a couple times before, but I've always missed out for one reason or another.  No, it's not a bunch of frat guys doing keg stands and body shots off of young party girls.  However, Evan, Chad and my dad have done their share of damage at past events...  I've heard the stories.
It was actually really nice to relax by the lake, walk around the shops and have dinner with family and good friends.  

Fiona was SO good.  After the first massive diaper explosion, which left my shirt soiled for the rest of the day, she was a perfect little angel.  She loves to be outdoors.

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  1. :) beer fesivals are always fun, although i dont actually like beer, i do like cider!


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