Sunday, November 6, 2011

Adventures in Dog-Walking

A few weeks after Fiona was born I attempted walking each of my 3 dogs separately while pushing Fiona in her stroller.  You can see pictures here. 
But after struggling with one dog who won't stop pulling, one dog who is too afraid of the stroller to do anything, and one dog who likes to walk leisurely in front of the stroller while I yell through gritted teeth, "Just GO!" - all while praying my baby girl doesn't wake up halfway through the walk forcing me to endure 15 minutes of ear-piercing screams from a hungry baby - I decided that I love my dogs, but perhaps not enough to compromise what little sanity I do have. 
So I ditched that idea and decided to try walking all 3 with baby in her little sling that I love so much.  It's risky, I know.  If she wakes up hungry, we're all screwed.  I have 3 dogs and 0 free hands.  But, seriously this sling is so amazing.  She hardly ever wakes up in it unless I want her to wake up, so it works out great and we're able to go for walks all the time.  
Before I had Fiona people would see me walk 3 dogs and say, "Wow, you've got your hands full", but now I seriously feel like a 3-ring circus.  I guess that's something you get used to being a mom, right?

Getting ready to walk the doggies

Sonny, Lady & Tramp

Have I mentioned how much I love this sling?

Walking is hard work for her

Tired baby, tired Sonny

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  1. wow, that is commendable! i have one dog, and it was hard enough to walk him and babies. you are definitely a super mom!


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