Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Leaving Baby

Since Fiona has been born, I've been pretty much confined to either my home - and if I'm feeling particularly daring - my parents' home.  Ok, so I might be exaggerating just a little because we have taken her a few places, but since about week 3 it's been tough.  She doesn't sleep as deeply as she did when she was brand new, so taking her anywhere usually requires me spending 85% of the time in the bathroom trying to nurse her and then console her because she doesn't eat well in strange places.  A quick trip to the grocery store once turned so ugly after about 5 minutes that I abandoned my stuff and my dignity and ran like hell, vowing never to go anywhere alone with her again.
She's getting much better, but usually I would rather just not deal with it and stay home.  Running errands lately is even kind of a hassle because I have a hard time leaving her for more than 20 minutes.  Since she doesn't take to the bottle very well, I get nervous even leaving her with my husband!  An hour into my absence he usually sends me that dreaded text "please hurry", and I can just picture her poor little purple face and tense, outstretched hands.  Anything I'm doing is abandoned so I can rush home to my poor baby girl.
But last night I actually went out!  Like for 2 1/2 hours kind of out.  Evan's brother was so nice to take us out to a nice dinner at one of Evan's favorite restaurants, Morton's Steakhouse, and my parents were so nice to come and watch Fiona while we were gone.  It was a much-needed, long, relaxing dinner that neither of us have had for a long time.  A few weeks ago we tried going out for sushi to celebrate our anniversary and were gone for a total of 45 minutes... Not too romantic, but that's just how it works with a new baby.
I was quite nervous at first because of the bottle thing, but I knew my mom would call me if it got bad.  Besides, my mom and Fiona have this crazy bond, and Fiona hardly ever fusses in her arms.  My mom can often calm her down when even I can't, so I eventually relaxed and enjoyed myself.
I'm getting more comfortable with leaving her for a little longer now.  I'm even going back to yoga.  Both my mom and Evan's mom have agreed to watch her a couple times a week while I go.  I think I'll be a much more relaxed, calm mother with yoga back in my routine.
Thank goodness for grandmothers.

Evan and Me at Dinner

My amazing dessert


  1. Ahh yes its so hard to leave your little munchkin in the beginning. I got the best advice while I was pregnant and it was.."Always remember you were a twosome before you were a family of three." So important to have date nights!

  2. even though it might not be long, that is great you two got out! it was hard my first time. and my baby was NOT the easiest baby when he was tiny. Not a good sleeper, knew who his mom was at like 2.5 months, and was a big spitter upper.
    Outings were hard and i felt like everyone had a super easy baby. But now, he is easy and happy.
    That's great you guys got a date. keep on doing it!


  3. Oh my this brought back memories! And yes, we grandmothers are amazing! ha!


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