Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday Afternoon

It's been 2 weeks since having Fiona and it still baffles me how quickly things have gone back to normal since being pregnant.  It's strange how something like pregnancy that pretty much governs your life for about 9 months just vanishes almost instantly.  Other than a little bit of flabbiness in certain areas and the fact that I have a new baby girl to hold I feel almost no trace of ever having been pregnant.  And to think 3 weeks ago I almost thought I had forgotten how to not be pregnant.  Gone are the varicose veins, aches and pains and mysterious rashes on my arms.  Suddenly I can simultaneously walk the dogs AND breathe.  This is huge.  And quite refreshing.

But now and then I think gone, also, are the sweet little movements, the hiccups and watching baby roll around inside my belly.  Her own little world.  I'm so glad that most of that is over and that I've moved on to a new phase of this journey.  I'm loving this part of it more than I ever imagined.  But when a cute pregnant lady walks by me, holding her belly while someone holds the door for her then lets it slam in my face behind them, dare I say I miss that part just a little?

But yes.  This part is going to be way more fun.  haha

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  1. I'm so glad I found this post! I feel the same way. I really do miss certain parts of pregnancy. Strangers treat you like family and family treats you like royalty. It is so so so cute seeing the beautiful pregnant women, remembering that special bond with the babes. You baby girl is beautiful.


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