Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our Weekend

Unfortunately in Evan's business there is no such thing as an extra day off.  Even for Labor Day.  We still, however, had an amazing weekend filled with family and friends.  We took our first family photos Saturday!  They turned out so freaking cute.  Both Evan Jr. and Fiona could not have been more well-behaved and patient.  I will definitely post the photos when we get them.

Little did I know that this photo session was a clever ploy to get me dressed up and out of the house so that I could come back to a surprise birthday party.  I was 100% surprised considering my birthday is actually Wednesday... and also because who throws the same person 2 huge surprise parties in 3 years?  Apparently my husband.  He's amazing.  See, I told you about his birthday planning abilities.  I need some lessons.

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day of family, friends, barbeque and playing horseshoes.  Can't wait to share more pictures of the weekend later on this week.

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