Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Month of Motherhood...

...and so far I've learned:

How to cook and eat with one hand.  EXTREMELY quickly.
That losing a few hours of sleep a night is really not that big of a deal.
Anything within 5 feet of a breast-feeding baby has the potential to get soaked.
Take as many pictures as you can; they change daily.
Not to pay attention when people tell you who they think your baby looks like.  It's always different and it really doesn't matter.
Every relationship - with friends, family and especially my husband - becomes infinitely deeper.
Not to warn pregnant women how much their lives will change.  I hated it, it sounds scary.
Always carry around an extra bra.
And while you're at it an extra shirt.
Nothing is so important that I can't stop, sit and soak up the beauty of the moment.  Time truly does go by too quickly.


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