Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Complicated

Our wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple of days, and a few times this past year Evan and I have had the following conversation:

Evan:  Will this be our first or second anniversary?

Me:  Second, I guess.

Evan:  When do we celebrate, September 30th or October 1st?

Me:  I don't know.  How about both?  Ok, maybe not.

Let me explain.  In December of 2008 we got engaged and planned a nearly 2-year engagement.  We set the date for October 1, 2010 but we got a little anxious and decided to legally get married exactly one year early.  We would still have our party as planned, it would just technically be our first anniversary.

It made sense to us.  Why wait so long to be married just because we were saving up money for a big party?  So, we went downtown and did it.

It definitely wasn't romantic in any traditional sense of the word, but maybe we're just not traditional.  I mean, our witness was a guy off the street named Benny.  Now, I don't know if Benny was a bum or not, but I do know he was 10 bucks richer after our nuptials.  I didn't wear a white dress...that just seemed too cheesy to me.  We were, after all, still planning to have our traditional wedding in a year, so I would have my chance then.  Instead, we looked more dressed for a last-minute cocktail party.  Once the paperwork for the marriage license was ready we went to the Justice of the Peace to get married.  I feel like it's a little sacrilegious to elope in Vegas and not go to the infamous Little White Chapel, but that's not what we were going for.  

After we got hitched and texted our friends the good news we went to the restaurant where we had our first date.  It sounds semi-romantic except that I worked there at the time.  (I didn't when we had our first date).  It was a memorable night to say the least.  I think I may have had more fun that night than on our big fat wedding day. 

The confusing part of our anniversary comes into play because although the date of our wedding had been set for October 1st, because of the place we chose and the package we got and certain small details, our wedding ended up being on September 30th.  So much for our little romantic plan.  

Although it sounded a little crazy to everyone else, we wouldn't have done it any other way.  The party was fun.  We spent the whole weekend with family and friends, and it was so great.  But the part that really mattered to us was just for us, and that made it really special.

Our second anniversary and a new baby.  We have so much to celebrate.

Here are some pictures of our wedding last year:

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  1. Your dress is absolutely beautiful and I dig your guys style. It sounds like a fun little adventure between you two. Who cares that it wasn't traditional! You guys made some fun memories and it definitely makes for a great story. Hil-freaking-arious that some random off the street was your witness.


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