Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Books Galore

I've been obsessed with reading to my baby since before she was born.  I've loved books for as long as I can remember.  My parents weren't big on spoiling my sister and me, so I remember us really cherishing what many kids today would think of as ordinary, everyday things.  Slurpees and McDonald's Happy Meals were special treats to us.  I'm sometimes shocked by the amount of money parents spend on toys their kids just "have to have" knowing that in 3 days it will have been forgotten and - like the hard-earned money spent on those toys - may as well be flushed down the toilet.

Books, however, were different.  I can't remember one childhood trip to Toys R Us, but the bookstore or library were weekly occurrences.  Books were always encouraged and our literary desires always fulfilled.  I definitely want to carry this on to my child.  I think reading exercises the mind and imagination, and reading to her will give my baby girl and me that special bonding time that she'll hopefully remember forever.  

We have a TON of children's books from when Evan Jr. was a baby, so we won't have to add much to the collection for a while, but I found some adorable books that I can't wait to eventually incorporate into her little library:

I can not get over how adorable this book is.  It's a kids' picture-book biography of Audrey Hepburn.  
It describes some of her experiences as a young girl in Nazi-occupied Europe and how they influenced her into becoming a kind, caring, philanthropic person who was "not like other movie stars".
SO cute. 

This is not your average coloring book.
It's fun and inventive, and its think-outside-the-box activities are great for 
stimulating those creative little brains.

This activity book allows kids to create toys, puppets, artwork and games
by punching out the little paper pieces.
Taro Gomi is the same author that created the classic Everyone Poops, so it HAS to be good!

PS - See other books by these authors here, here and here.

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