Sunday, August 28, 2011


In all the baby shopping I've been doing lately, I noticed something about my own personal taste.  I like everything that is simple and old-fashioned-looking.  None of the crazy toys and gadgets that beep, buzz and blink.  I think simple is pleasing to the eye and more my style.  I'm a huge fan of toys that allow kids to be creative.  Not that video games don't serve their own good purposes as well - I just think that constant overstimulation can be counter-productive.  The sensory overload doesn't allow children to exercise their imaginations.  Luckily, I found this article to read to Evan that explains exactly that.

Considering baby is only 11 days old we have a while - I hope - before worrying too much about video games and wanting to play on our cell phones.  Here are some cute baby toys that I hope our little one will be into for while:

I don't know what it is about giraffes, but they are just the sweetest baby toys ever.
There's something so cute and charming about them!
This giraffe is my favorite.

I love any toys that are great for outside.
This croquette set is freaking adorable!

I may or may not want this for myself.
Thank goodness we have a baby girl!
It's like I get to relive my childhood but with cooler toys.


  1. We LOVE Sophie (the giraffe) - check out Abby with hers - :) Highly recommend!

  2. Abigail is SO cute. I'm dreading the teething phase. Yikes.


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