Friday, August 12, 2011

Evan Jr's Birthday

Jr turns 8 on August 13th. 
We celebrated it with family and friends on the 10th with a party at
his mom's house and an Area 51's baseball game after. 
It was such a cute idea to take the kids to the game!
Everyone - kids and adults - had so much fun.

Eating pizza and hot dogs

An adorable baseball cake and some baseball
cookies (on a stick!) made by his aunt Emily

Cosmo posing with the kids

Evan with his best friends Talmage, Jake and Jonah.
They recently moved to Kingman and we're so sad
not to have them right next door anymore!!

Evan with the kids

Playing Catch

Nana and Pa

Nanny and Poppy

Although it was a ton of fun, there was a lot going on having the party and then transporting everyone to the baseball game.  It really makes me wonder what planning a kids birthday party is like without 4 parents' work involved (although, I'll be honest, I really didn't do much. At all). 
So, kudos to the 3 parents who put this on; this first-time mom has a lot to learn.
Evan Jr. sure is a blessed and loved kid.

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