Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This past Saturday was Evan Jr's birthday.  We had already celebrated with family and friends the previous Wednesday with a pizza party and Area 51'a baseball game, but we thought we would do a little something on his actual birthday.  So went to a dinner of his choice with his mom Mary, Stepdad Garreth, and little brother Elliot.  He chose Dick's Last Resort (for what reason, I have no clue).  The concept of the restaurant is that the servers are rude to you.  I can see where that has the potential to be funny, but they're not actually that funny.  It's just a bunch of bad sarcastic humor and waiting around for your server to come by.  But kids love that stuff, and their veggie burger wasn't bad.  And to be honest, if I had to serve tables, I would for sure do it there.

Anyway, here are some pictures of our dinner at Dick's:

Evan's hat says, "It's my birthday and all I got was a butt pimple".
Where do they come up with this stuff?

Mine says, "Ex-stripper".  A little risky for a table with kids, but pretty funny.  :)
We told Jr that it said " the fish".
But he's 8, and definitely not dumb.  haha

Evan is such a good big brother.  He just adores Elliot, and Elliot loves him so much.
Mary's hat says, "My butt itches and my fingers stink".
I wonder if these people constantly reuse the same lines.

Only Evan Jr. would be sitting at the table with an Ipad in his hands and an Iphone at his ear.
He was getting birthday love from his Aunt, though, so it was ok.  :)

He looks longingly at his birthday dessert, but that completely changes 2 minutes later when he realizes there are bananas in it... He wouldn't even touch it!  Oh well, more dessert for me.  I guess Garreth hates bananas too, so he was trying to force him to eat some.

After dinner we went to the arcade downstairs.
After a few 20s I think he ended up with a stuffed animal or something...
But we all had a lot of fun, so that's what matters.

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