Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Nursery

Although the nursery isn't completely finished - it's missing the sweet little things like my glider chair that I still have to paint, a cute mobile that I want to make and the most PERFECT quilt that I found on Etsy - but the bulk of the nursery is done, and I'm so excited because it's turning out exactly how I want.  We wanted a Disney-inspired nursery but I hate that really commercial look so we decided to get creative, use the colors and do most things ourselves rather than just making a trip to the disney store and throwing everything up.  Plus, doing it yourself is more fun!



We bought the crib off craigslist from a nice couple, and I painted it red (all the paint used is no-VOC paint).  I painted the wall yellow, and left the Mickey silhouette up to Evan, which I think adds the perfect accent.

Here's the opposite wall before


Since Evan is a huge Disney fan, and has a 7-year old son, we already had everything here.  All I had to do was paint and reorganize.  

It's interesting to me that no baby store seems to sell items in primary colors.  I had a really hard time finding anything that wasn't "baby yellow" or "baby green".  Babies see primary colors best!  Bright colors stimulate their eyes and brains more.  I'm excited to rock my sweet little thing in this fun room.  But of course, if it ends up being a girl we'll need more Minnie and Daisy!

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