Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Krystal and EJ Time

Remember when you would get allowance money and all there was for you to do with it was buy totally random toys?  
No bills or groceries?  
No wonder he's so smiley. :D
We went to this great bakery by our house.  
After eating his amazing, warm chocolate lava cake with whipped cream on top, and washing it down with a chocolate milk, he declared that he would've rather had a Slurpee and pretzel M&M's.  

His first time playing Scrabble.  
It's something I used to do with my dad almost every night.  As a kid it became my life mission to beat him one day, and I still don't think I ever have.  I hope this becomes a regular thing.  
And seriously, this kid is SMART.

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