Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Showering

Over the weekend some friends and family came over to start some work on the baby shower.  My sister, Jen, is planning everything, and she is doing such an amazing job!  She knows how much I love Alice and Wonderland; the Alice books are some of my favorite books ever, and of course there are the numerous movie versions that I think are all great.  Most people seem to associate the Alice books with drugs and crazy, psychedelic mushroom trips.  This is so unfortunate because I feel those people know nothing about the actual books or Lewis Carroll at all!  We covered his work in a literature class I once took, and it's fascinating what a creative, clever writer he was.  I digress...

So anyway, the shower will be set up like a little garden tea party, which I think is so adorable.

We "painted the roses red"

This will eventually be a huge caterpillar, which will be propped up next to some hookahs outside

Courtney painting a super cute sign that my dad made

My mother, sister and me hot-gluing hands of cards

Jen painting the caterpillar

Meanwhile, the men drank

This picture just reminded me of Alice.  It kind of makes me want to throw on white tights, black maryjanes and a blue dress and eat sweet treats.

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