Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All the Small Things

The simple pleasures in life are one of my favorite things ever.  You know those things you love that you sometimes forget how much you love because they're either so small or have just become a part of your everyday routine?  I've decided to take more time to recognize those small things.  Studies have proved that continuous, everyday joys throughout a person's life make them happier than one big joyous event.  Here are a few of my favorite simple pleasures of the moment:

1.  Watermelon

Words can not adequately express my love for watermelon.  I know everyone says they love watermelon as much as I do but I don't believe any of you who say that.  As soon as watermelon season begins, I am already beginning to mourn that dreaded day at the end of summer when I realize I have tasted that last sweet melon of the year.  I make up for the rest of the year by eating my share during the 1 a day.

2.  "Morning" Radio

I used to listen to the Adam Carolla morning show religiously every single morning when it aired on radio a couple years ago.  It made getting up early and driving through rush hour traffic to a 8-5 desk job bearable.  For some unknown reason it was pulled off the air and I was deeply upset.  A friend of mine recently reminded me that soon after his radio show was canceled, he came back with a vengeance on his podcast.  It has again become part of my every day.

3.  Springtime in Southern Nevada

Pine Creek Canyon near Las Vegas is absolutely beautiful.  It's commonly called Fern Creek because...there are ferns.  Yes, ferns in the desert!

 Salvia dorii
"Purple Sage"

Baileya multiradiata
"Desert Marigold"

Dichelostemma capitatum

Who would have guessed that these beautiful flowers live in and are native to Southern Nevada?  I just finished up a botany class at CSN and I learned so much about our amazing ecosystem.  The variety of plant life we have out in our desert is seriously stunning.  I had the chance to go out and hike once a week with my class and see some of the most beautiful plants I've ever seen.  I have such a greater appreciation for the flora of the Mohave Desert.

4.  Family

Obviously.  But sometimes you forget how special your family really is.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and a wonderful family.  Including the crazy dogs that frustrate me daily.  

5.  Summer Dresses  

I'm pregnant and barely fit into anything with a waste band, and most maternity stores seem to suggest that once you're pregnant you should give up all hope of looking cute.  I refuse to resort to oversized men's shirts and cropped sweatpants.  Loose summer dresses are the best and most comfortable things to happen to a growing belly.  One of the many reason I am glad - yes glad - to be pregnant during the summer.

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